Family / Flickr · November 16, 2008 0

Nothing Special

Just a quick update since it’s been over a month, I know, I know, sorry.  I really wish I had a little spare time sometimes.

All is well on the home front.  Morgan and Matthew are doing very good.  No issues to speak of other than Matthew’s not listening and getting in trouble.  Morgan’s getting pretty big 🙂  I think Michelle mentioned 16 pounds recently.  We have an official doctors appointment the 20th so can update you then.  Matthew is learning more numbers and letters everyday.  He just came downstairs and had a Pizza Hut magnet in his hand and rattled off the phone number and said “Daddy let’s call Pizza Hut, I like Pizza Hut for dinner.”  He’s smart, sometimes too smart 🙂  Also some new pics added.  Not much outside of our trip to the zoo, but a few decent shots.

My Beautiful Babies

Work is work.  Keeping me very busy.  The week vacation I had in October seemed to just disintegrate into nothing.  I have 4 weeks to squeeze into the last bit of the year and that’s not gonna happen.  I am taking a week after Thanksgiving and two more after Christmas, but the third is not going to happen.  I honestly can’t wait for the one after Thanksgiving.  I just want some time off.  Try and relax around the house and not think about computers for awhile.  But I doubt that will be the case.  Christmas we have plans to go see my family down at Bethany beach again.  Becoming almost tradition and I don’t mind it at all.  I love the beach.  Hate the sand, love the beach so the cold weather makes it great since I don’t have to get hounded for take me to the beach 🙂

I’ve got a couple of other blogs floating in my head, but just don’t feel like articulating them right now with the laundry and dishes to do so they will have to wait for vacation.  Hope that catches up for now and keeps you subdued for at least a few weeks.  Not much else to report.  Hope everyone out there is doing well.

Love and Miss you All!  Scott

P.S. before I forget.  Anyone wanting to know gift ideas for Christmas, Michelle’s dad is getting us a Wii, which I am grateful for since that was what I was going to get, so anything Wii related for any of us, since it will definitely be used by all of us 🙂  For Matthew he is in love with Star Wars, Spiderman, Iron Man, and Transformers.  Cars is still good, but he has pulled away from them quite a bit.  For Morgan, clothes would be great, 9-12 months.  And if you actually were thinking about Michelle or I, feel free to put anything towards the kids.  This year is gonna be tight for us with the two houses so I have no problem everyone neglecting us.