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Miller Family Update

So since I have been so horrible about keeping everyone up to date here is a month’s worth of updates to try and catch everyone up.

Matthew – He is doing fine.  Think he is starving for attention, or at least he thinks so, now that Morgan is here so he seems to be getting in a lot more trouble for not listening.  All in all though he is great with Morgan and loves her, accept when she pukes then he goes running 🙂  He loves playing with her and talking to er and there really is a connection between the two.  Morgan loves to look at him and he makes her laugh all the time.  We have been watching a lot of the Food Network, I am dying for my DirecTV, and Matthew has been watching as well.  So anytime Michelle is cooking Matthew has been wanting to help.  Right now Michelle is cooking dinner and Matthew is trying to do anything to help her out, it’s great to see him taking an interest in some things as he gets older.

King of the Hill You Crack Me Up

Morgan – Is doing great.  Growing like a weed and all.  We had our most recent doctors appointment on Tuesday of last week and she was 13lbs and 24.25 inches long.  She has one tooth coming in that has been coming in for some time.  With the tooth coming in she drools non-stop.  Michelle puts two bibs on her all the time because the first one soaks through in a matter of minutes all most.  Not only does she drool but she spits, or makes raspberries with her mouth which makes it wore as well.  Because of all the drool and such I have started calling her bubbles and Michelle calls her Rabid Baby, as you can see why below.  She is laughing a ton and talking as well.  Always smiling until of course she has to sleep then its all screams.  She does not like to sleep at all and at max can only stay down for about 3 or 4 hours at night.

Closeup of Bubbles Or Rabid Baby Cute as a Pea Playtime on the Floor

Michelle and Scott – As if anyone is interested in us 😉  Michelle is doing good.  Outside of lack of sleep everything is good.  Concern for family due to hurricane Ike, but that has subsided since we have had reports of no major damage from family.  I have been swamped at work as always.  Thanks to hurricane Ike I was watching over our Port Arthur office traffic from Philly and thanks to Gustav I was watching our New Orleans traffic as well.  All this while my number one guy Jose was on vacation on a cruise ship in the Carib being chased by Gustav and Ike 🙂  Outside of work there isn’t much else for me.  Come home and try and relax some before it all starts over again 🙂

Family and Friends – Hurricane Ike caused a lot of grief worrying about family and friends, but the good news is almost everyone came out with only minor damage.  I still have not been able to get in touch with my father, which I will be picking up the phone as soon as I am done typing to try and get him again, but that’s nothing new there so I am not that concerned.  If something were wrong I think I would have gotten a call so not too worried.  The one exception was Aliceson Haynes.  We just learned that their family took extensive damage to their home.  Aliceson and her family just sold their home and purchased their current home a little over a month ago.  Luckily their flood insurance kicked in the day the storm hit so they should be ok financially, but just thinking about all the memories and personal items that were lost that can never be replaced is heartbreaking.  Please keep Aliceson in your thoughts and prayers as they recover from the storm.

Vacation – Many of you know we typically take vacation around the time our company has our managers meetings because they are held in Houston and it’s easy for us to stay down there a week before or after.  We were setting everything up and got word last week that the meetings have been moved from Houston to Philly thanks to Ike.  So vacation this year looks to be ruined.  I still am planning on taking some time off just to try and recharge, but other than that we probably wont be doing much for the rest of the year.  After hearing Jose’s wonderful comments about his cruise I am really leaning towards going on a cruise next year as our big family vacation.  We’ll see how it goes.

Think that about does it for us.  That should keep you occupied on us for the past month or so.  Will try and keep you posted a little better but if you’re reading this you know me 🙂  Vacation is next week and I hope to get to the Zoo and the par a few days with Matthew at least so I should be posting quite a few pics, so keep your eyes posted.