The Miller's! · August 3, 2008 0

That’s My Boy!

Today is a beautiful day.  Not only are we able to see the first live football in 6 months, but Matthew made his daddy proud tonight 🙂  The football in itself is enough to celebrate over.  It would be much better if it was another team other than Washington but it’s good enough.

So I am downstairs doing laundry and just put a load in so I sit down to follow up on a few things, start FireFox to view a few websites and pops up, my home page.  On the cover was a picture of Brett Favre.  No uniform or anything, just a head sho0t probably from one of his pressers this year.  Well Matthew caught a glimpse and looks at me and tells me “Brett Favre is back in football.”  I looked over in amazement because I had not told Michelle anything about Favre in a few days.  I can’t tell you how proud I was in that moment 🙂  He then proceeds to ask “Is he in Washington?”  Now bear in mind Washington was one of the teams rumored to be in the mix for Favre’s services but it hasn’t been discussed in awhile.  And no don’t get any ideas about Washington playing tonight and that’s where he got it from, No.  We hadn’t even discussed football being on tonight yet.  So not only did he catch Favre was coming back but knew a potential home for him.  Such love and pride came out of me at that time 🙂

Anyway just had to share the story.  As it’s been said many a time before…”That’s my boy!”