The Miller's! · August 1, 2008 0

What a Way to Start the Day

I just knew today was going to be one of those days.  It’s rough when you start off the day and it brings you nothing but trouble.  Most of you know I have a heavy foot and I tend to speed whenever possible 🙂  I just don’t like to waste time.  What’s the point of driving 55, yes over here on the left coast for whatever reason they want to limit driving to 55 even though most people drive 70+, when I can drive 85 and get there 10 minutes earlier.  Those 10 minutes I can solve someone else’s problem at work that I have to fix or actually do some of my work.  So anyway, one of my biggest pet peeves is people that can’t adhere to simple edict of…

Pretty Please?!

Pretty Please?!

I mean really, how difficult can it be?  It really isn’t trust me, I have weaved in and out of traffic enough to know it isn’t hard at all.  So back to my point as I weave in and out of being on point.

I got a slightly late start, reasons will be posted tomorrow, so traffic was a little backed up to begin with, but soon as I got on 495 it spread out as usual, except for the wonderful young gentleman who was enjoying his Sunday drive, oh wait it’s Friday not Sunday, in the RIGHT lane!  He barely was going 65 and of course the speed limit was 65.  There were maybe 3 cars in the span of a mile and of course 2 of them were in the center and right lanes.  Well he finally moved past the center car enough I was able to pass him in the center lane.  Sure enough on my drive in I had 2 more similar situations which just made my 45 minute drive, 15 extra minutes thanks to these wonderfully polite drivers, so enjoyable.

This just the start of the day and it continued to not so much go down hill but pretty much stayed level all day long 🙂  In researching for pics to post 🙂 I found this wonderfully informative website which all of you should visit.

Slower Traffic Keep Right.  One of the best lines is:

Realize that it is not your job to keep people from speeding.

Try not to let emotions control your driving behavior. Consider that the speeder is making the roads safer for the rest of us. What is the bigger risk while driving on the highway – wrecking or getting a speeding ticket? There are more speeding tickets than wrecks so our biggest worry should be avoiding a speeding ticket. By letting the speeder get ahead of you then that person will get the ticket and you won’t.

So thats my day, what fun, sorry for dragging you all down.  Just a little look into my world.  So as I finish watching the taped episode of “Last Comic Standing” to try and cheer me up before bed, just remember…”Slower Traffic Keep Right”!!!