The Miller's! · July 13, 2008 0

Which One Was It?

The first of a series of a couple posts to try and catch up 🙂

Background: My office is located in a complex that has two buildings and connecting the two buildings is a glass “tunnel” like hallway.  The cafeteria is in building two and we are in building one.  So on days where I eat at the office I walk to building two and either grab lunch or eat over there.

So the other day I was bringing lunch back to the office because our lunch room is much quieter than the main lunch room in building two and I saw this flash outside.  Turns out it was a chipmunk.  I barely saw enough of him before he dashed into a bush but it definitely was a chipmunk.  Kind of funny, you never see many chipmunks.

So anyway, that night at dinner I remembered and told Michelle and Matthew “Guess what I saw today?”  I proceeded to tell them the story and Matthew gets this big smile on his face and says “Which one was it?”  “Which one what?” I said.  And he repeated himself and said “Alvin, Simon, or Theodore?”  Michelle and I couldn’t stop laughing.  I tried to let him know it wasn’t a cartoon chipmunk it was a real one, but it didn’t work to well 🙂  For the next 5 minutes it was “Daddy, come on which one was it?”  Classic Matthew.