The Miller's! · June 29, 2008 1

Another Day, Another Month Goes By

Good grief man, June is over.  I really want to get into this long spiel about where the time has gone and why it seems I can never get on top of things, but I have laundry in the dryer and I smell dinner upstairs, so here is the latest without the diatribe.

Morgan is doing well.  Cholicy but well.  Nights are tough most times with cholic.  Doc told Michelle to stop eating spicy and fried foods to try and help it out, ha, does she know who she is talking to? 🙂  Other than that she is doing great.  Our last doctors appointment she was 9 pounds even and 21.5 inches long.

Honestly, there is a ton more I want to say here, but I am just too tired to get into it.  I apologize all.  I actually want to take a personal day from work just to work on my emails and other stuff online but of course there just isn’t the time 🙂  Hopefully next weekend I can try and catch up some.  So Angie, Rhonda, Stevie, Robert, Donnis, Matt, Karen; I’ll get back to soon, I promise 🙂  Not to mention the lone friend I have in Baltimore probbaly hates me by now since it has been months since I have seen him.  Keep me in your prayers guys, talk to ya soon.  Oh and a few pics for your viewing pleasure…

All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go Peaceful Happy My Two Beautiful Children My Beautiful Family He is so good at the fake smile isn't he :) Eat, Sleep, Poop...That's all I do :)