Friends · June 1, 2008 0

Happy Mothers Day!

Yeah I know I am late, but I must say I have been a little busy. This post is four fold actually.

First I want to say Happy Mothers Day to my beautiful wife for giving me two amazing and beautiful children. The timing was off for both, but I could not be happier 🙂 She has given birth to the most wonderful son as well as the most beautiful little baby girl a father could ask for. So let me begin by saying thank you and I love you more than you will ever know.

Next to my Mother. Happy Mothers Day! I am sorry I don’t keep in touch more, but please know I think of you often and you mean the world to me.

Third, a huge congratulations go out to our friends Donnis and Shawna who on the Saturday before Mothers Day received a gift like no other. After trying, fertilizing, and finally adoption, they have their own son Memphis Brodie Hunter.

Memphis Brodie Hunter

And finally another congratulations goes out to my old friend Kristi Courtney who recently found out her and her husband will be celebrating the birth of their first child in oh about 7.5 months 🙂 What better anniversary gift then an oh by the way I am pregnant 😉 Congrats guys!

Congrats Guys!

And as to our family, everyone is well. I know I am lacking in updated and pictures but it has been a busy vacation 🙂 I promise to post more pics and updates in the next day or two!