The Miller's! · May 17, 2008 0

6 Geese a Laying…In other words 6 days to go, well, maybe?

Well this morning was spent at the hospital as Michelle woke up with some bleeding.  Doc said that more than likely came from the cervix opening up more.  She is dilated to 1.5cm currently and the baby is doing well.  Contractions are every ten minutes and Michelle seems to think they will only quicken.  That being said I think Michelle thinks Morgan is going to make an early appearance, whereas I think Michelle is just being her usual hypochondriac self.  Only time will tell.  Will keep everyone updated as we progress.

It’s vacation time for me.  I took next week off just for prep sake 🙂  And the following week I took off for paternity leave.  So finally a little R & R for me, LOL yeah right.  Besides the house having to get put together for Michelle’s and not to mention my mom’s arrival, we also have a little bundle coming home soon enough 🙂  But on top of that I had so much work to do at the office I had to bring some of it home with me to try and finish while I am off.  That’s it for me for now, I am pooped.  Long night of tossing and turning and snoring and no I am not meaning me 🙂