The Miller's! · May 5, 2008 1

T-Minus 18 Days and Counting

Wow, I’ll be honest. I’m a tad bit nervous and that is the understatement of the decade, but don’t tell Michelle that. While Matthew and Morgan could not have been more different, in a few ways they are very similar. Main thing, timing. What I mean by that is both deliveries have crept up. You may not think that with Morgan since she already is at full term but it’s true. With Matthew we went to the hospital and the doc said, well let’s get this baby out. Total surprise, I knew Michelle was having issues but never in my wildest dream 6 weeks earlier would I think the doc would say lets get that baby out of there. Totally blind sided. Well with Morgan, because of the issues with Matthew, Michelle and I went into this waiting for the other shoe to drop in a way. Well funny thing is, it never has dropped. Well the issues were going to be my wake up call, and I never have had that wake up call. There has been not one issue, thank God. So today as we are 18 days away, just a tad over two weeks, did you hear me, two weeks???, as I said am a tad bit nervous.

The big news in this post is late last week Michelle scheduled the induction for Friday May 23rd. So if Morgan doesn’t show up by then she will 🙂 Did I mention that is just over two weeks away. Anyway everyone is doing very well. Michelle is becoming very much immobile. Hurts to do most everything. But all in all, everyone is well.

Last but not least, another thing to make me nervous is that we have scheduled a weekend getaway to visiting my family at the beach this weekend. I have had my worries as it is about 2.5 hours away from the hospital but Michelle wants to go, so Friday we are off to spend some quiet peaceful time at Bethany Beach.

We’ll keep you updated as time ticks on by 🙂