Site Info · October 9, 2003 0

Welcome to the New Site!

Welcome to our new site! I hope you will enjoy it. Please read more about some of the new things and upcoming features! Once again thanks for visiting our new site. I hope you enjoy taking a look into our lives. A few things about the new site…

Please register to keep updated with new things and additional pictures. I will try and send an update out to all registered users with any new info. That being said make sure you use a valid email address when registering and one you look at occasionaly.

The photo album is a work in progress. The pictures currently in there are only what I had on the computer. Over the next few weeks probably we will be adding many more by scanning them in. If there is something you would like us to have on the site, by all means email it to us and we will try and put it on the site.

As I said, the site is a work in progress and I hope to continue to add a lot of new and interesting things to it as well as keep you updated on everything that’s happening with us. Feel free to look around and continue to come back as the site will be going through numerous changes over the next week or so.

Thanks for stopping in!

Scott, Michelle, and little Matthew Scott to be šŸ™‚