The Miller's! · February 16, 2008 1

Moving Out Day…Of All These Boxes

Good grief, it is amazing how one family can accumulate so much junk…Well The movers finished unloading the truck yesterday about 7:30-8:00 and I got a couple of hours of unpacking done.  Living room is “situated”, Michelle did 2 boxes in the kitchen 😉 and I maneuvered our bedroom so it’s walkable.  Current project for today is my office, I have to get my desk and PC up and after that, we’ll see where it goes.  Two additional things to be done today are go back to Maryland and clean up some in case some one actually decides to look at the house we’re still trying to sell 🙂  We also need to go back to unload some of the fridge, pick up the cats, and take the rent car back.  Last thing for the day is a new entertainment center.  Living room one barely made it through the last move, in actuality it didn’t to a degree until I put numerous brackets on it to hold it together 🙂

One issue we had was DirecTV.  The installer came out, on the early side for once, but it quickly went bad from there.  The guy was rude to begin with and immediately I knew he didn’t want to work at all.  Excuse after excuse, and after a phone call to his supervisor, I started telling him how the install was going to work 🙂  Well he went straight out to his van, minivan that is, not work van, and call a few more people.  Finally he came in and said well I don’t have a pole to go in the ground so I am going to go back and get one and bring someone else back to help with the job. Well it wasn’t too much longer we got a call back from his dispatch saying they were going to reschedule.  Aaarrgghh, so now no TV till Sunday morning supposedly, but we’ll see.  All I have to say is it better not be the same guy.  Comcast arrived late for the internet install and couldn’t get my modem/router to work, but their modem worked of course so I am stuck with a Comcast modem for now and no wireless internet in the house.  That I will work on once a few other things are done.

So that’s where we are at.  The neighborhood is really quiet. Even the other townhouses we didn’t hear anyone at all last night, which is great.  Seems to be plenty of kids around because when 3:30 hit or so a mad rush of them came down the street 🙂  I’m really liking it here so far, now just to get my office and my living room put together so I can take a break and enjoy myself 🙂  Cya.