The Miller's! · November 21, 2007 0

First Look at MBS!

Well for those who haven’t heard the story let me tell the story of our first ultrasound for MBS.

First a little background.  Michelle has always said she has had this feeling or premonition that she would have twins.  I have always just shrugged it off as wishful thinking on her part 🙂  In any case we go and get situated in the room and the doctor comes in to perform the ultrasound.  She start off saying “I apologize, it’s a new machine and they did training last Friday and I wasn’t here.”  Already the confidence levels are jumping through the roof.  She proceeds to poke and prod Michelle trying to catch a glimpse of the little one.  Finally she gets a good shot and starts to look real closely.  The first thing out of her mouth is “Oh look there is a membrane across the placenta, it looks like twins.”  My mouth probably was hitting the floor at this point, but I am glad I wasn’t in too much shock because the next thing out of her mouth was “but it doesn’t look like there is another one on the other side.”  Well then the mind starts racing, is this a bad thing, is it dangerous for the baby or Michelle, why would she just blurt this out without any explanation or warning or anything like this!!  Finally she gets another nurse to come in and she takes over for what seemed like a few brief seconds and she got a better view and she said it was nothing, but she wanted to get the other doctor in to take a peak.  In the mean time she is taking picture after picture of the baby and taking measurements.  The other doctor comes in and reassures us there is no membrane and everything looks great.  So before the doctors leave the first hack, I mean doctor, says oh here let me give you a picture.  So she tears off one picture out of the 25 or so she took and says thanks and walks out.  So all this to say, drum roll please…Here’s a look at MBS (Miller Baby Squared for those not hip to 😉 )