The Miller's! · January 19, 2006 0

Welcome to 2006!

Well it’s about time I update this thing right? šŸ™‚ Well life has been busy for the Miller’s in 05. We moved back to Baltimore where I am managing our office again for the second time. In the process we actually purchased a house. Matthew just turned two just a few days ago. And we had a trip to Disney World with Donnis and Shawna. Life has been good but busy. I was able to hire another guy in the office so things have gotten much better. But let’s review just a few things below…

We started the year with a trip to Jacksonville, FL in February to enjoy the festivities of Super Bowl 39, where my Eagles lost to the Patsies. We didn’t get into the game but had a good time none the less. Check out some shots in the Photo Gallery.

In May Michelle and I celebrated 10 years together by purchasing a house just outside of Baltimore where I was reassigned again. We have a few shots of the empty house in the Gallery. I hope to have some finished shots up soon enough. Outside of having to put in a new sump pump and draining most of our savings, were pretty happy with everything and made some new friends in the process.

In September I was lucky enough to experience the worst pain I have ever felt by getting a kidney stone. For 3 or 4 weeks I was going through some horrible pain capped off with the beginning and ending crescendo I hope I never feel again.

In October, we made a short trip to Houston for our Managers Meetings and quickly visited some friends and family and was also lucky enough to attend the Texans/Titans football game for our customer appreciation day.

Thanksgiving was spent with my Mom’s side of the family in Atglen, PA and Christmas was spent in our nice new house just the three of us, but before we hit Christmas we went to Orlando with Donnis and Shawna and enjoyed 7 days at Disney World. We’ve got a ton of those pics in the gallery for your viewing pleasure.

And to cap everything off, we just had Matthew’s 2nd Birthday Party with friends and family on the 14th.

That just about covers the basics, so enjoy this update for awhile. I certainly should be able to update things a little faster now that things have settled down work and personal wise. Looking forward to talking to everyone in the new year and we hope everyone has a happy and prosperous New Year!

Scott, Michelle, and Matthew!