The Miller's! · January 7, 2004 0

Matthew Scott Arrives

No time like the present they say. Well that’s how Matthew decided to grace us with his presence.

Saturday Michelle had been complaining about a spot in her left eye enough that I made her call the doctor Saturday night. Of course the doctor wanted us to go see them so we jumped in the car and went to the hospital. We arrived at the hospital about 9:30 Saturday night and Michelle was examined by a few nurses and then seen by two of the doctors in the practice. Both agreed they thought that the spot was more neurological symptoms of the preeclampsia and that the best course of action would be to induce her since she had pasted the 32 week marker. Michelle was admitted around 1:30 Sunday morning and given some IV’s to try and induce her.

At around 3:30 her water broke, and we thought we were home free then, but it didn’t quite work out that way. It seemed that after her water broke her contractions slowed down and she stopped dilating. After numerous uncomfortable exams and some extreme discomfort, the doctors decided the best course of action would be to perform a C-Section at about 10:30 Sunday Night.

Michelle was in the OR by 11:00 and Matthew was born 11:22 Sunday night the 4th of January, which most of you know is my birthday as well. He weighed 3 pounds 10 ounces and 16.5 inches long. He currently has straight dark colored hair, which doubtfully will change, and has dark colored eyes.

Matthew is currently in University of Pennsylvania Hospital’s Intensive Care Nursery only due to the fact that he was premature. From day one he has been breathing on his own and has never needed any help. Tuesday they placed a feeding tube in his nose to help things and he has an IV in his right hand for fluids. The nurses said they might end up taking the IV out this evening because he’s eating enough that the fluids are minimal now. Early estimates are for Matthew to stay about 2 to 3 weeks, until he is at least 4 pounds and with no other complications.

Michelle is doing well and has looked much better as the last few days have gone by. She had a strange reaction after the surgery and her saliva ducts clogged causing massive swelling around her jaws. If you see some of the pictures don’t be surprised if it looks like her head is twice the size because it almost was. The doctors came up with some wonderful medicinal treatment for her, shock tarts. Yes I said correctly, the Willy Wonka Candy. They said it hasn’t happened often but the last time the mother ate some sour candy and it cleared the ducts and the swelling went away. So since Monday, Michelle has been eating lots of candy to try and clear it up. As of this morning, most of the swelling was gone. Outside of some cramping and pain when she coughs, everything is tolerable right now, that is as long as she’s on the percocet. The doctors said she should be able to go home Thursday.

Stay tuned as more pictures start popping up and hopefully some video clips as well if I can get my new toy figured out 🙂

Thanks again to everyone for all their thoughts, prayers, flowers and words of encouragement. I can honestly say this has been the most exciting and wonderful birthday’s I have ever had.

All our love,

Scott, Michelle, and Matthew