The Miller's! · December 14, 2003 1

Latest News and Complications

This certainly has been an eventful weekend. Friday Michelle went to her doctors appointment and the doctor advised that she should go to the hospital because of her high blood pressure. She had had problems with it being high the last few weeks but she was put on bed rest and it helped so the doctor let her do a little bit. After monitoring her closely they decided to admit her around 8 pm Friday. The doctors were not sure if it was preeclampsia or a lupus flare up. She was given Magnesium to lower her blood pressure and a steroid shot to help Matthew’s lungs.

Saturday, was mostly monitoring and rest for Michelle. Saturday night after 24 hours on the magnesium the doctors gave her another steroid shot and took her off the magnesium. They then moved her out of Labor and Delivery and placed her in another room on the women’s floor.

This morning, one of the doctors finally did tell us they think that Michelle has severe preeclampsia and the the plan now is to keep Michelle in the hospital until the baby is at the 32 week mark and then induce labor to eliminate the threat to Michelle and Matthew. The 32 week mark will be approximately Monday the 22nd of December. This is about 8 weeks ahead of schedule, and of course Michelle and I are concerned, but the doctors feel very comfortable with the situation.

So to wrap it up, Michelle is currently in the Hospital at the University of Penn and will be there until the birth, around the 22nd, unless there are further complications. I hope you’ll keep all of us in your thoughts and prayers.

All our love,

Scott, Michelle, and Matthew!