The Miller's! · March 14, 2009 0

Extra Magic Hours

That’s what Disney World calls opening the park an hour early for resort stayers or leaving the park open late a few hours as well, but for me Extra Magic Hours is right now.  It’s that time where the wife and kids are still asleep usually between 7 and 10 am on Saturday.  My only relaxation period of the week.  I can watch what I want on TV.  I can catch up on things online.  I can eat what I want without having someone say can I have a bite.  Call me selfish, but this is my favorite time of the week 🙂  No Captain’s telling me what they want or need.  Just some good ole me time.  This morning I caught up on a lot of friends online.  I didn’t get to everyone, but enough for right now and my hope is to try and catch a TiVo’ed show before I start hearing the thump thump of some one’s feet on the stairs.  So before my time runs out let me go grab a Tastycake and sit and veg out a bit.  Hope everyone enjoys their day today!


Too late…Matthew’s up now, better luck next week 🙂