Well, if you stopped by to see us, more than likely you already know most of the stuff about us right 🙂  Well in case you don’t or in case you have been missing for some time, here’s a quick over view…

Michelle and I  met in high school back in Port Arthur, Texas but we both had other people in our lives at the time.  I guess we would consider ourselves friends back then, but nothing very serious.  We ran into each other a few years later at a movie theater and said we should get together and catch up.  A few months after that we were on our first date to the opera with friends Matt and Allison, funny how you can make an opera about Attila the Hun 🙂  In any case, I will always say it was destiny that brought us together, because the story is so amazing, but trust me the way I tell stories, it’s just way too long for here 😉  That was all the way back in 1995.

After that we moved to Philadelphia in a job related move for me in 1999.  That didn’t last long as I was promoted and we moved to Hampton Roads, Virginia.  Our stint in VA was even shorter than PA, and we packed up and moved back to Philly.  A short period of time later I was promoted again and took over the Baltimore office for our company so we moved to Baltimore.  Baltimore lasted a year and then we moved back to Philly.  This time Philly lasted 2 years and we were back in Baltimore.  Baltimore laster another 2 years and we got the word that my company wanted me back in Philly, which is where we are today.  We still have our house in Baltimore and still live there but we have it on the market trying to sell it in this horrible market and move back to Philly.  In the mean time I am driving to Philly everyday for one heck of a commute.

On the personal front, Michelle and I were married back in Port Arthur in 2000 and we had our first child Matthew in 2004.  We are currently expecting our second child in May of 08.

That’s us in a nutshell, at least up until this point.  It seems the pages of our lives turn on a daily basis, so stay tuned for more interesting developments as time ticks on 🙂