Long Overdue Update

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Yeah I know, I am horrible at keeping things up to date.  I apologize to the 3 people that regularly stop by for up dates.  🙂  In any case, let me give everyone a quick run down of everything that’s happened in the last two months.

Morgan – It’s amazing how time flies.  Morgan’s growing like a weed.  Amazingly it’s almost been a year.  She is crawling great and getting around everywhere.  She has started crawling up the stairs which we had to rope off 🙂  She has 4 teeth now, two front top and bottom.  She laughs and smiles all the time, except when you try and put a camera in front of her face 🙂  Other than that she is great!

Matthew – Is good.  Getting into quite a bit of trouble not listening.  Michelle thinks it has to do with the attention Morgan is getting, but I just don’t buy it.  He has always had issues with listening to us.  He can recite the Subway song or beer commercials non stop but as to what i told him 5 minutes ago, forget about it, literally.  He is a great kid, don’t let me fool you.  I just wish he would listen a little more 🙂

Vacation – For valentines day I surprised Michelle and Matthew with a trip to Disney World.  We will be staying at the Animal Kingdom Lodge from May 9th through May 16th.  This will be our second trip to Disney and I can’t be more excited.  I ended up getting an all inclusive thing with food and the whole nine yards.  Michelle has since made reservations at various restaurants around Disney for almost every meal!  Most places you have to set up reservations well in advance.  Anyway, I almost wish it was closer because I am really excited.

Other than that not too much going on.  Our car has been in the shop for 4 days with a broken timing belt and some other minor ailments, as much as almost two grand can be minor.  Right now I am working from home looking out at about a foot of snow so i have to prepare after lunch to go out and get pelted by snowballs by my son who wont stop asking me 🙂  I have put some pics up, and I do apologize.  I can’t believe my last upload was before Halloween.  Anyway I think that will do it for now.  Enjoy the quick update and we’ll talk to you soon.


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Gone Fishin’

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I know it’s been way too long since I have posted but will get more into that in my next post or two, trying to keep these consolidated to one idea.

We were lucky enough to be invited by Gary and Shirley Bradford of Cape Henry Launch to a fishing trip on August 10, 2008 down in Virginia Beach so we took a road trip down to VA for the weekend.  I didn’t feel comfortable with Morgan coming so Michelle and Morgan were left behind and this was a guys day out for Matthew and I.  Right before we headed down all of us went to eat a late breakfast before the 1pm start time.  We had to go back to the hotel because we didn’t have a few things.  It was amazing, the sky just cracked open.  I have no idea where it came from but the wind started blowing and the rain just poured.  I was honestly worried about the trip the weather was so bad.  It only lasted about 30 minutes and ten the sun came out and it was beautiful, it was so weird.

Once we got onboard Matthew was having a great time talking to everyone and looking around, that was until we started moving.  This being the first time on water, he sure needed to get his sea legs under him.

Pre Game MeetingOnce we were moving though he started to get a little more comfortable, but he didn’t want to get too far away from me.

Klingon or Cling OnBy the time we got out to our first stop though he was fine and so excited about everything that was going on.  Everyone was catching fish, but they all were pretty small.  I think the biggest fish of the day was just over a foot long.  I ended up walking away with a shirt for the second biggest fish, an eleven and a quarter inch blue fish.  At one stop everyone was catching skates, and I mean everyone.  I think we caught about 6 or 7 skates in that one place.

Another SkateWe had a very good time and I was very appreciative to take a mini vacation even though it was tough to pack it all in 3 days.  Gary and Shirley were great to invite us out and not only that but Shirley took great care of Matthew while onboard 🙂

Shirley and MatthewI of course had to take a few shots of the vessel’s at anchor, can’t escape work for very long can I.  Here are just a few I took.

The Dura Couple of Ships at Anchor Virginia Pilot House

You can look at all the pics in our album here.

Cape Henry Launch Fishing Trip

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Welcome to 2006!

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Well it’s about time I update this thing right? 🙂 Well life has been busy for the Miller’s in 05. We moved back to Baltimore where I am managing our office again for the second time. In the process we actually purchased a house. Matthew just turned two just a few days ago. And we had a trip to Disney World with Donnis and Shawna. Life has been good but busy. I was able to hire another guy in the office so things have gotten much better. But let’s review just a few things below…

We started the year with a trip to Jacksonville, FL in February to enjoy the festivities of Super Bowl 39, where my Eagles lost to the Patsies. We didn’t get into the game but had a good time none the less. Check out some shots in the Photo Gallery.

In May Michelle and I celebrated 10 years together by purchasing a house just outside of Baltimore where I was reassigned again. We have a few shots of the empty house in the Gallery. I hope to have some finished shots up soon enough. Outside of having to put in a new sump pump and draining most of our savings, were pretty happy with everything and made some new friends in the process.

In September I was lucky enough to experience the worst pain I have ever felt by getting a kidney stone. For 3 or 4 weeks I was going through some horrible pain capped off with the beginning and ending crescendo I hope I never feel again.

In October, we made a short trip to Houston for our Managers Meetings and quickly visited some friends and family and was also lucky enough to attend the Texans/Titans football game for our customer appreciation day.

Thanksgiving was spent with my Mom’s side of the family in Atglen, PA and Christmas was spent in our nice new house just the three of us, but before we hit Christmas we went to Orlando with Donnis and Shawna and enjoyed 7 days at Disney World. We’ve got a ton of those pics in the gallery for your viewing pleasure.

And to cap everything off, we just had Matthew’s 2nd Birthday Party with friends and family on the 14th.

That just about covers the basics, so enjoy this update for awhile. I certainly should be able to update things a little faster now that things have settled down work and personal wise. Looking forward to talking to everyone in the new year and we hope everyone has a happy and prosperous New Year!

Scott, Michelle, and Matthew!