The Miller’s!

July 13, 2008

Which One Was It?

The first of a series of a couple posts to try and catch up 🙂 Background: My office is located in a complex that has two buildings and connecting the two buildings is a glass “tunnel” like hallway.  The cafeteria is in building two and we are in building one. ...

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July 3, 2008

Growing Girl!

Just a quick note …..      I weighed Morgan this morning and she is over 10 lbs.!  Hard to believe Matthew was 8 lbs. at 2mos., but theoretically he was about 2wks old when you factor in the preemie time. Hope to get out this weekend and get some good pics...

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June 29, 2008

Another Day, Another Month Goes By

Good grief man, June is over.  I really want to get into this long spiel about where the time has gone and why it seems I can never get on top of things, but I have laundry in the dryer and I smell dinner upstairs, so here is the latest...

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June 2, 2008

Morgan Update

Honestly there isn’t too much to say 🙂 She is a great baby. Doesn’t do much outside of eat, sleep, and poop 🙂 We have gone to two doctors visits since coming home and we’ve been givin the thumbs up that all is well. the last visit was this past...

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May 22, 2008

New Pics Posted

Well I got the photo issue worked out so no one should have any issues viewing them.  I just uploaded a few more shots for your enjoyment.  I will post another short blog tomorrow, so until then enjoy the new pics. Scott

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