NFL Draft Day…My Mock

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Today is a wonderful day, yes call me an geek, but I love the Draft!  I usually sit through the two day event parked on the couch watching TV, but I do have to work some this weekend so not sure how much I will get to watch.  Anyway, I am predicting two trades, but there could be one or two more as teams try to evacuate the top 10.  Here’s my mock draft for your enjoyment 🙂

  1. Stafford, Matthew
  2. Smith, Jason
  3. Curry, Aaron
  4. Monroe, Eugene
  5. Orakpo, Brian
  6. Smith, Andre
  7. Maclin, Jeremy
  8. Sanchez, Mark – Washington
  9. Jackson, Tyson
  10. Crabtree, M.
  11. Oher, Michael
  12. Brown, Everette
  13. Raji, B.J. – Jacksonville
  14. Jenkins, Malcolm
  15. Jerry, Peria
  16. Freeman, Josh – Tampa Bay
  17. Ayers, Robert
  18. English, Larry
  19. Maualuga, Rey – San Diego
  20. Hood, Evander
  21. Moreno, K.
  22. Britton, Eben
  23. Matthews, Clay
  24. Maybin, Aaron
  25. Cushing, Brian
  26. Heyward-Bey, D.
  27. Harvin, Percy
  28. Pettigrew, B.
  29. Britt, Kenny
  30. Nicks, Hakeem
  31. Wells, Chris
  32. Mack, Alex

As far as the go, I am hoping Knowshon Moreno lands at 21 for us, otherwise we may trade down again since there is no one that stands out at that point.  I think we need to come out of the draft with a RB, a safety, depth on the O-Line, and maybe TE.  Here’s my wish list: Round 1 – RB – Knowshon Moreno/LeSean McCoy, Round 2 – OLB – Clint Sinthim/Marcus Freeman, Round 3 – S – Patrick Chung, Round 5 – OT – Ramon Foster, Round 5 – Trade for 2010 4th Round, Round 5 – TE – Anthony Hill, Round 5 – OLB – Zack Follett, Round 6 – CB/S – Brandon Underwood, Round 7 – QB – Mike Reilly

Time for me to do some housework so I can justify sitting in front of the TV all night long 🙂  Have a good day all!